Thigh Lift

What is a Thigh Lift?

Thigh lift or thigh reduction is an operation to reduce the size of the thighs and tighten the skin on the inside of the thigh. Although the skin is removed from the inside of the thigh there is also some tightening to the outside of the thigh also.

    The operation is performed under general anaesthetic (you are asleep) it is usually performed as a daycase procedure. It involves removing skin and fat from the inner aspect of the thigh, this leaves a scar from knee to groin or possibly sideways just below the groin crease.

    You will be immediately placed into dressings and bandages, many people gain benefit from compression garments or ‘cycle shorts’. You will return after one week for the dressings to be removed and the wounds checked. There are no drains to be removed and the stitches are all internal.

    Usually you won’t require dressings after the first week. However sometimes there are small areas that can take a little longer to heal and may still require simple dressings. You would benefit from continuing to wear compression for a few weeks and should avoid activity or exercise for six weeks and you could return to light work after a week or two. All swelling should be resolved by three months and at that stage you should have a good idea of a final result.

    Thigh lift is a relatively straightforward operation and is safe and successful. However, all surgical procedures come with a degree of risk and it is important that you thoroughly research the procedure before committing to the operation. Further information can be found here


Thigh lift/reduction
Procedure length
120 min
Return to work
2 weeks
Return to exercise
6 weeks
No drains. No suture removal

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